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Psychotherapy means healing of the soul. It is healing that comes from within, as personal awareness increases. This leads to the development of personal strengths and resources. You determine your own destiny through your own choices.

Burdened by the old baggage of fixed beliefs and preconceptions, life can seem like a never-ending struggle, an exhausting juggle of commitments. Understanding why you think as you do is liberating. It steadily becomes easier to cope and to make choices that are in your own best interest, which is empowering and energizing.

By working with a skilled guide you can embark on a journey of discovery into your own inner self. You will find old blocks, the worn paths of habit, and the scars of ancient wounds whose pain still manages to distort your healthy responses to life.

But you will find remarkable treasure – gifts of creativity and power that are unexplored parts of your own psyche.

Why a guide? Why not just buy a self-help book? An experienced and insightful psychotherapist is like a tracker in territory for which there is no map.

Why me?

As a qualified therapist with a broad range of experience with individuals, couples and groups I am committed to my own personal development and on-going professional training, which means I don’t fall into mechanistic habits.

These are the sorts of problems people have bought to therapy with me:

·      Relationship and family problems

·      Childhood trauma and abuse

·      Depression

·      Change at life transition points

·      Grief and loss

·      Drug and alcohol abuse

·      Anger and domestic violence

I would like people to understand that difficulties can be viewed as opportunities to learn more about themselves. I believe that as we move forward we become truly enriched by experience and can become more centred, contented and compassionate human beings.

I work holistically: mind, body and spirit. By integrating all three we become who we really are opening the way to our full potential.

Through my own experience I’ve discovered there is a need for different ways of working with each person.

Each journey is unique.

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Techniques & Methodologies

Energetic healing, body work – sometimes old emotional experiences are trapped in your body. This results in energy blocks and can lead to illness. Freeing the blocks releases the energy and heals the body.

Hypnosis – this is like waking meditation or a deep sense of relaxation that allows the subconscious mind to be more readily accessible. In this comfortable state questions can be asked to ascertain the cause of problems which are out of conscious awareness.  At all times the client is totally aware and totally in control.

Sand Play – this Jungian process is for everyone. Working with real symbols from life – small pieces and figures – sandplay can reveal deep unconscious and psychic processes in a similar way to dreams. Aspects of the unconscious emerge on display. This can lead to profound shifts in levels of understanding. See Vimeo video :https://vimeo.com/225701013 Password Jung

Voice Dialogue – when we leant to keep our vulnerable inner child safe we developed a series of sub-personalities, some of which now run our lives. The most noticeable are the controller, the pusher, the critic and the pleaser, but there are many more. We can talk and listen to aspects of our inner selves. This can be a source of valuable insights, leading to understanding and self-acceptance.

The Transpersonal – is a bringing together of both spirituality and psychological perspectives. It is revealed by asking questions such as what is my purpose in life? How can I achieve my full potential? The aspect of self most starved is the area of higher spiritual yearning. To reach this level is perhaps the ultimate goal of being human.

Therapy does not need to be a long process; often a single session can make a profound difference to a problem.

This can be done either face to face at my private practice, or via Skype, Facetime or on the phone.

“Working with Gail has completely transformed the way I feel about myself. I understand at a far great level why I feel and behave the way I do. I now have a level of awareness where I can consciously chose who I want to be”

”My relationships have drastically improved. I feel empowered and even relieved to finally understand what is going on for me and why my relationships kept failing. I possess far more self love and empathy than I ever have, and everyone around me notices the difference”

“At first I thought going to therapy was for self absorbed people who need attention and can’t sort their own problems out or it was just for crazy people. Now I realise that therapy can benefit everyone and it’s no weirder than seeing the doctor for the flu, or a personal trainer to improve your fitness. In fact, after my experience with Gail, I think everyone should try it. If we all had counselling or learnt this stuff, the world would be a better place. You feel so much better and happier straight away”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take?

A: One session can make a difference but ideally 5 to 6 sessions will start to implement real change. However, first you need to feel comfortable with whoever you are working with so an initial session will enable you to feel if you are working with the right therapist for you. Often therapy goes in stages, once one issue gets resolved it may be years before another issue arises and at that stage it is valuable to do some more work.

Q: Do I have to come to see you in person?

A: No we can work via Skype, Facetime or on the phone

Q: Can I bring my partner? Or family members?

A: Absolutely as together we can all put our heads together and get to the bottom of the problem and everyone gains a greater understanding.

Q: Should I tell people I’m having therapy? Won’t people think I’m crazy or mentally unhinged?

A: It takes a brave, informed and intelligent person to go to therapy to learn more about themselves. Most people just don’t bother and blame the situation on others. Their lives generally don’t improve and often get worse. Learning opens doors and things can only improve with knowledge and awareness. So no, you aren't crazy or unhinged, if anything you are insightful. It's up to you personally whether to tell people, but please know that everything we address within our session is completely confidential and I take that trust very seriously.



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