The Awareness Advantage

If you know the answers to the questions below then this work and this corporate program is not for you.

  • Is your brain limiting you success?
  • Do you as a leader know how to influence others?
  • As a leader do you understand why people think and act the way they do?
  • Do you feel you are making the most of your career?
  • Do you know that your brain often sabotages your best efforts?
  •  How do you build retention?

The Awareness Advantage is a program based on the seven psychological principles described in the book The Brain’s Business – Psychology and Neuroscience for Exceptional Leadership as well as the book ‘You Can Live with Anyone, well almost.’

This is the cutting edge of great leadership, whether we lead others or want to become a leader. Seven psychological keys, backed by simple neuroscience, enable us to make lasting changes. As we understand how our brains are wired and how to leverage that information we are able move ahead to greater influence and success. We all know our workplace relations have a direct impact on our career progression, our earning capability and our productivity as well as our profitability.  

The program is based on the latest neuroscience and proven psychological principles, all spelt out very simply. It is the leading edge of new corporate thinking and has been designed to help you understand yourself and others better, reduce reactivity and enhance your workplace output.

The program gives organizations and employees the opportunity to go to the root cause of tensions. It goes to the heart of the individual and enables people to understand why they react in the way they do.

It is guaranteed to build individual self belief, which is the springboard for commitment, motivation and enthusiasm and is something that no amount of external pushing or encouragement can achieve. It builds strong culture and shared values.

It is self-knowledge that gives us real choice, enabling us to take full responsibility for our perceptions and our interactions and revolutionise our thinking.

The program’s key objectives: AWARENESS

·      How our brain impacts our thinking

·      Choice about interactional behaviour

·      Responsibility as leaders for team dynamics

Outcomes Enabling Us To:

·      Revolutionise our thinking patterns

·      Understand ourselves and others

·      Develop emotional intelligence

·      Enhance interpersonal relationships

·      Decrease negative politics

This information radically improves self-esteem and relationships. It leads to a more harmonious and productive workplace, and takes us to higher levels of personal responsibility and accountability.

Imagine being part of an organisation where employees are focused on growing the company because it gives them the opportunity to grow themselves

“The journey has been profound and uplifting – many thanks to Gail”

“Sensational! Illuminating about myself and brilliant potential for working with others”

“The program speaks to the core of who we are.”


Frequently asked Questions:

Q: How do you run your program? 

A: This program is run very interactively so participants are engaged throughout. The theory is given in about 10 minute chunks (the ideal time for the brain to assimilate information before it gets overloaded). Participants will be challenged and encouraged to make some personal reflections, as well as engaging in smaller break out discussion groups.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: There will be immediate results as people shift their perspective but ideally when followed up by a quarterly review the results become more ingrained as people change their habitual way of operating.

Q: How long is the program?

A: This program can be adapted to suit both time available and numbers of people. It can be run over two days to get maximum impact but participants can get invaluable insights from just an hour but ideally 3 hours if it run as a taster.

 Q: Is the program backed up with course notes?

A: Each participant gets a copy of The Brains Business so the information is consolidated in the book.

Q: We aren’t located in Sydney, do you travel?

A: Absolutely (in the Residence via Emirates!!)



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